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NEW EUR-pallet

New EUR pallets of the highest quality. Always heat treated.

We stock new EUR pallets of the highest quality in our factory in Smålandsstenar. Our new EUR pallets are always heat-treated.

New EUR pallets of the highest quality

EUR pallets / Euro pallets are not endowed with technical finesse or stylish design, but even today there are approx. 450 million pallets in circulation worldwide.

With its stable structure, the EUR pallet has been developed to be used over and over again, and European pallets are therefore considered the most efficient load carrying solution to date. A standard solution where the manufacturing and repair of the pallets is checked by DNV, so you are guaranteed strong, high-quality pallets for handling your goods.

The food and pharmaceutical industries have high hygiene requirements and mostly use new EUR pallets for their products. A new EUR pallet is of the highest quality and produced by certified manufacturers, ensuring your goods the best conditions during storage and transportation.

We always have new EUR pallets in stock.


Art. no: NEU01
Size: 1200×800 mm
Thickness of the timber: 22 mm
Heat treatment / ISPM15: Yes