Swedish quality since 1987

Swedish quality

Since 1987

We manufacture pallet collars, special pallets and stock new standard pallets in our factory in Smålandsstenar. In addition, we purchase used pallets and collars, sort and refurbish them and then sell them according to classification. So whether you want to sell or buy, we'll help you. We only sell to businesses.

Own manufacturing

We are manufacturer of high capacity pallet collars

We sell pallets

New and used for businesses

We sell and buy to companies with the following products

Pallet collars


Half-size pallet (600x800mm)

One-way pallet

Other pallets

Other products

Special pallets

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Fill in the number and type of wood packaging you want to sell or buy. Not sure what kind of wooden packaging you have or need? Let us know and we will help you find the right solution. We'll get back to you immediately.

We only deal with companies

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